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Terms of service

We recognize that privacy is important. Below are some common questions and answers related to how we handle privacy. 

What kind of information is collected on this site? 

When you join russiandating.us, you will have to submit certain personal information, such as an email address, your gender, age, and other information that a typical dating site would need. Your email address is always private and never shared with anyone. Other information that you submit will be available on your profile, as one would expect 😉 

Do you share my info with other companies? 

We don’t give, sell, or share any information you submit to us to third parties. 

Why do you need my email address? 

We require your email address so we can alert you of new messages, winks, friend requests, new singles in your area, etc. We do not abuse this feature, as our goal is to never annoy our users. There is an unsubscribe link on every email we send so you can stop receiving emails anytime with the click of a button. 

Can I hide or remove my profile from russiandating.us? 

You can set your profile to ‘invisible’ any time you want. This will make it so no one can see your profile. You can set it back to visible at any time. You can also cancel your account at any time. This will completely delete your profile from our system. We don’t try to make it impossible to delete yourself like some other sites might, deleting your account takes just 3 clicks from anywhere on the site. But you won’t want to leave, this place is too much fun! 

Do you use cookies? 

We use cookies to enable the functions on this site to work. Without them DH would not function, so in order to use this site please have cookies enabled. Cookies are just small text files that reside on your computer. Sites will store session information in cookies in order to know whether you are logged in, etc. They are private. 


When browsing this site, you may encounter links that point to other sites. This could be in the form of advertising, or links that users might put in their profiles. russiandating.us is not affiliated with these sites. 

Communication with other members 

Communication with other members on this site is handled through our messaging and instant messaging systems. Your email address is never used for communication and remains private at all times. The only personal information that is available to other members is what you have in your profile or what you give them.

Please do not post adult content.